Day dunno what…

hm.. its been… less than a week..
well, everything’s going quite fine.
EXCEPT that… it hurts on and off and especially while i’m sleeping
which i’ve got no idea why
(Qn: Why does it hurt more at night than in the day?)
and.. hm.. i’m got lots of questions which i asked my dear
and he asked me to asked the Dr.
(Qn: When i yawn, will it affect the braces?)
and.. i’m finding it difficult to find food to eat.
Monday: fish porridge (lunch), potato (night)
Tuesday: veg rice w/o rice (lunch-damn ex), fish porridge (night)
Today: chicken macaroni (lunch-damn difficult to eat), not sure what to eat at night

and now, i’m drinkin’ this tasteless papaya fruit juice

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