~~ 3 weeks ~~

its been like around 3 weeks since i’d put my braces.
well, i would say there’s not much problem except for the first week. ‘cos i’m eating almost like the usual. and it doesn’t hurt as much also. will be going for my tightening in 15 more days. just hope that everything goes smoothly *cross my fingers*

today going to meet siyan, wl, cynthia, alvin and sanqi for dinner. but before that will need to make a trip down to kinokuniya to get one magazine – nu ren wo zui da. one of the people in the forum said that this month issue, got teach you how to keep the face firm. hahahaha =P wat!!! got what problem??? cannot meh! duh! kekekek

and then, i’ll be looking out for my rom dress too!! so exciting!!! and not forgetting, i think i’ll be DIY a lot of things. kekekeke. and again.. its so exciting!!! =P

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