*…… O.o*

i just got bisshhed by siyan ‘cos i yawn 😛

damn… so boring… yesterday i took mc cos wasn’t feeling very well… today, i felt better but now… i think my headache is back again. i think i know why liao, ‘cos i stare too much at the pc.. but the thing is, i’m not doing any work.

i’m just simply surfing around. and i surf till i’ve got nothing to surf. check mail again and again and of course there’s not much mail lah… check the sengkang and stylewedding forum till i also got nothing to surf. want to search for the ring pillow material but couldn’t find, which today i’ll go down to spotlight at PS to take a look see if have or not. anyway, gotta go see if got postcards or not.

today damn blur, forgot to take my water bottle, which i filled it up this morning. forgot to take my coin pouch, which i filled it up too. forgot to take the paper bag which i use it to carry the postcards. hopefully i don’t forget other things liao.

today is thursday. tomorrow my family, and godma and dw going to genting. felt like going lah, but then my dear dear don’t want to go, and i can’t really bear to leave him in sg… sigh.. dilemma right? nvm, next time i’ll definitely go with my family! =D

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