on my way to RECOVERY!

yeah!!! i’m back to work today!!!
never feel so happy coming back to work! kekekeke

was sick last wednesday, so went back home. saw a doctor, took medication and measured my temperature – 38.8 deg cel! then i fell asleep!

next day woke up, felt nothing except goggy. spent the whole day eating and sleeping. boring! but well, at least i managed to finish sewing the beads on the ribbon!! (for the ring pillow). this is the one i wanna achieve lah. but not sure if able to do or not. can’t see where’s the beads? its that stretch of stems n leaves lah, thats made up of beads one! but now… i still can’t find the flowers….. anyway, thats about all i did on thursday.

woke up on friday, ready for work. washed up, brushed my teeth and sat down on the sofa, feeling goggy still. measured my temperature – 37.1 deg cel. So ended up, i took another day mc ‘cos i really can’t work. but… sigh.. it was terrible… second day.. with the same thing to do? nah… so i pestered my mum to go out (‘cos i wan to see the postcard) which she finally gave in. and we went dhoby ghaut n OG @ orchard. bought a few clothes. heehee… before going back home and collapsed….

saturday… another tiring day. met my bf for breakfast, then went for my dental appointment. tightened my braces and changed it to YELLOW!!! Then after that went KTV with his colleagues and sang…. but.. i SUCK!!! ‘cos of the bad sore throat (which hasn’t recover) and the braces…. sigh… so sad… and you know what! it hurts again after the braces were tighten and i’m back to baby food!!!

sunday.. another no rest day… went for my class as usual and then after that to tyra’s 2nd birthday!!! so fast ne! 2 yrs old already! last yr was held at changi chalet. this yr, @ northoaks function room… heeheehee… let’s see where we gg end of this yr!

and now.. i’m RECOVERING!!! woho~~

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