FABulous morning!!!!
let’s see what have i done and not done.. for the 26 of my life.
you know, life is about being happy, learning, and making people around you happy (or at least you try). thats life for me.
no… i shall not restrict myself to those boring life. i’ll be dead if i do that.
so here’s my goals and the things i want to do (ever since young)

  • Get a degree DONE!
  • Learn flower arranging DONE!
  • Do and have my own website DONE! I’ve got 3 for now!
  • Get a job i like DONE!
  • Have my own business IN THE PROCESS…
  • Do lots of cross stitch DONE!
  • Learn knitting DONE! (Basic Only)
  • Learn crochet DONE! (Basic Only)
  • Learn hip hop DONE!
  • Learn ballroom dancing
  • Learn yoga IN THE PROCESS…
  • Learn japanese language and reach jlpt 1 IN THE PROCESS…
  • Get a driving license DONE!
  • Learn how to cook and bake (delicious food of course)
  • Get married to someone i love (and he loves me too) IN THE PROCESS… 2 years later =D
  • Learn basic nail art
  • Learn to dress up, make-up etc
  • Learn men’s hair cutting
  • Learn dress making, fashion design (hopefully my own clothes)
  • Learn jewellery making IN THE PROCESS…
  • Finish paying all my loans IN THE PROCESS…
  • Learn interior design
  • Get MBA (when i’m older)
  • Slim down, get flat tummy IN THE PROCESS…
  • Straighten my teeth IN THE PROCESS…

hm…. ok… think thats about all… for now

hm…. still got so many not yet done ne…..

never mind, i’ll がんばって!

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