i can’t get used to THAT

once… about a year ago, one of my friend’s mother told me that i’ll get used to it as i grow older. because it will happen frequently… no.. i can’t get used to that…
last night, mag my cuz, came knocking at our door, asking for my mum, saying that my auntie needs her. kpo, i followed and saw my auntie lying on the bed, apparently feeling very terrible. from what i heard, she fainted suddenly after trying to catch her grandson. and then she felt numb all over. kept mumbling and saying that she can’t make it already… sigh… life is fragile huh.. the medics came and brought her to tan tock seng hospital. blood pressure is 180 (not sure which), but seems a bit high. everything else is ok. this morning, not sure if she’s back, door still closed… sigh… hope she’s ok ne…

busy weekend… thought the weekend is used for resting, but most of the time, it just makes you more tired… weird huh. kekekek.. well, what to do?

saturday morning went out early to meet my dear for breakfast at PS. postcard hunting day. some more, we have an appointment with Fairy’s Inc, to see our wedding bands. I mean CUSTOMISED. the place was nice. not vey big but the lady very friendly. we chose something classic, though the fanciful ones seems really interesting but… we weren’t that creative, or maybe… i don’t really like my wedding bands to be that fanciful. after that, went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, which was ok (don’t like the way they end it). and then dinner with my group of sec friends. slept at 2am. sunday morning prepared and went chinatown for lunch with dear’s friends. late for my class after that. kekeke. and then after class went to airport to see DW off. reach home and then… sigh..

what a weekend..

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