you know.. if i were to come logged in, and write down every little things that happened to me… i think i will have lots and lots of things to write. and will be so damn busy. kekekekeanyway, i’m in totally no mood to work now.. didn’t start that waywoke up… watched 我们结婚吧!early in […]


one colleague just kena kicked out… in a very bad bad BAD way! nadirah… sigh.. took me so long to remember her name. now, she just kena kicked out without any notice at all by this guy who always thought he look very handsome…. i meant, yes, its true, she’s only doing part-time. but the […]


my dear dear is so nice!!!!i was feeling so stress out today ‘cos got a deadline to meet (when i’m only given 2 days)then just now he came to gimme a hug! ‘cos he off early from his course today! so sweet right!!! kekekek =D and you see me smiling and smiling now =Pjust now […]

Sorry Busy

is this a common phrase to reject people whom you don’t want to talk to (on MSN)?i’m just wondering… how would you feel if someone kept using that on you, OR when you kept using it on someone? hm.. just let me analyse…if i kept using it on someone…well, high possibility is that, i’m really […]