There’s no ugly women, there’s only lazy ones

well… i belong to the “lazy ones” kekekeke
of course, i suppose when the sentence write “no ugly women”, it only means, bringing out the best in you lah. but.. now that i’m 26… somehow, i think i suck at dressing up…. i really meant SUCK. at least i think, i can do better. but the older i gets, the uglier i think i look.

– getting fatter, lazy to exercise
– pimples kept popping out. sigh…
– my hair is in a mess now
– i have no idea how to shape my eyebrow, though i prefer those go UP ones
– i need to draw to make my eyes ‘sparkle’ a bit more
– i’m wearing braces now and i think i look so ugly
– my fashion sense suck!!!

sigh… i think i’m getting less and less confident of myself
how? what to do? any suggestions?
i’m 26, not that young anymore. but my face is still quite baby. but if i try to dress young, my mum will puke. if i dress older, i find myself looking funny. damn….

wish so much my braces will be off soon.

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