learn from **History**

hahahaha! yeah! i’m so happy i make back-ups for the files i changed today.
*phew* ‘cos they wanted another way again
yea yea.. AGAIN! its always again. but oh well, this time, i learned already.

now boss ‘interviewing’ some of my colleagues one by one.
not sure what they want lah. but apparently to see how you are doing
any comments you wanna say blah blah blah.
well, me too, will have the chance.
tomorrow! 4pm!

yesterday went to the OG factory sale at one ulu corner of Bedok.
bought 7 tops and 1 dress. total about $100+ spent!!!
overspent again!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
and i got my perfume liao!
heehee… SLOWLY but SURELY, i’ll change my outlooks, my attitude!!!

and these few days, i’ll wake up half an hour earlier to exercise and stretch a bit.
this saturday will start our yoga class (me & dear)
heehee… will try to start swimming also.
well, lots of things are happening!!! i’m SOOOOO excited!

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