Meet-up Session with Boss, BY & WL

hm… i just had a meet-up session with these 3 people.
how to say… somewhat what i expected, but somewhat not…
expected them to ask me about the improvements and suggestions for the company
but never expected that question to pop up again
“take over the phone call thing from SL, YF, HS they all”
well…. i don’t really mind taking it except for one BIG consideration
will my dear dear mind if my weekend was burnt?
considering the fact that i’ll only be seeing him only on the weekend
sigh… dilemma… ne…
but well, on the other hand, they never really say much yet mah
who’s saying i’ll get the job
i’m only being asked that question. they are asking the rest also
anyway, next week, there’ll be a talk held by boss again to talk about the career path
i suppose we’ll see how lor
though i thought, (thought only) i heard him saying he wanted to see me next week again
will give benefits through monetary, bonus…

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