look BEAUTIFUL to feel GOOD

alright, i’m a lazy woman but today, i’m more sian than lazzy. can’t go shopping and pamper myself ‘cos i overspent WAY too much these few months. so the best i can do now is at least, to try and dress myself up. yes.. to work. oh well, of course not the make-up and sort. just slightly, guess will make me feel better.

yesterday, painted my nails bluish green. can’t imagine the colour? let’s see….
something like this colour. not too bad huh. then i tried to paste some glittering stuff on it. kekeke, first attempt, so ain’t very good. =p

today not going to wear my specs to go work. sigh… wonder how things will be like. leader told me yesterday that boss flare up cos a few people never manage to finish things and that we very lag. well, at least i finish mine. but if you are talkin about “WORK as a TEAM and NETWORK”, then well too bad lah, that will be beyond my control lor. anyway, i don’t want to control so much liao. like i said prevly, i got goals…. for work. if there’s NO improvement by next April, i’ll consider other jobs outside. no point staying in a company with NO prospects right? plus some more, someone who came in so much later than me, now…. not that i’m very slack RIGHT?

sigh… never mind… luckily there was dear dear… but i wish so much i can see him everyday. gosh… that will have to be 2 years later. damn. they better build the flat quickly. tomorrow going to tighten my braces. hope that one can finish soon TOO.

oh yes, going to apple’s house tomorrow. hm… so long never see her liao, and a few others (those even longer). gonna be another busy weekend….

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