Sorry Busy

is this a common phrase to reject people whom you don’t want to talk to (on MSN)?
i’m just wondering… how would you feel if someone kept using that on you, OR when you kept using it on someone? hm.. just let me analyse…

if i kept using it on someone…
well, high possibility is that, i’m really busy. but at the same time it COULD be, i just don’t feel like talking to that person ‘cos to me, he/she is just talking rubbish and i would rather use that time to go and do my own things, talk to someone else. logical? logical. so in order just to let everything still be nice and not change anything, i can just say “sorry busy”. i DID apologize and at the same time, he/she can’t blame me just because i am busy with my work right? yes, its a wise choice, a genius work.

if i kept hearing it from someone…
i think i’ll be damn disappointed and pissed at the same time. because, why is he/she always that busy, but yet, can go home on dot? weird huh? yes, its weird. disappointed of course, if i message that person, i can assume, i would want to talk to him/her. but imagine that person always rejecting you and don’t want to talk to you, it’ll make me feel so pissed. ‘cos what am i? not even a friend to him/her?

if you ever use it on someone, well, if you still don’t want to talk to him/her, then continue to do that. ‘cos there isn’t much choice for you since you can’t possibly tell him/her straight (i suppose thats the case if not you won’t have this problem already). and if you kept hearing it from someone, well, PLEASE, FOR GOODNESS SAKE, STOP talking to him/her. ‘cos its kinda obvious that he/she doesn’t really want to talk to you for some reason or another. so why make yourself so ‘cheap’.

thats all… a lesson for you to learn.

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