4 bottles of nail polish and a bottle of nail polish remover

girls just love to spend money on shopping huh? but not me ne, i seldom do that. why? ‘cos right now i’m paying my school loan ($30k+++), so in a way, i try to control and don’t spend. but anyway, me, also don’t really like to go shopping. there doesn’t seem to have anything that interest me other than… ppc and camera. but again, i don’t go keep lookin at all these things. if i wanna buy, then i go see. aiyah, in short, i hardly shop.

but then AGAIN, it feels kinds good to just spend money especially when you ain’t feeling especially great. well.. heehee… i bought 4 bottles of nail polish and a bottle of nail polish remover. wahahahahhahha =P pale purple, greyish green, light yellow and one light rose red. hohohoho, gonna try out this weekend! (if i got the time)

and today.. i must ganbatte! i’ve got 2 days ONLY (till monday) to finish one new and no-idea-how-to-do things. and… my earphone, just DIEDED on me this morning…. urgh… guess i’ll have to go get one new one liao… bobian…

life.. isn’t as bad huh? especially when you thought everything through…

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