long time never exercise

*phew*… so SHIOK!!
went for a jog! heeheehee, not very long lah, just 2.2km (2 rounds of the park). but then, it sure freshen me up a lot! the work that i need to do today.. goodness… really used up my brain juice. later gotta try doing it at home too. monday gotta hand up. but no worries *wink* sometimes, i should really try to go jogging on and off, makes me feel so much better, and life seems a bit more wonderful. i’m not saying that my life ain’t good now lah but somehow… maybe just sometimes, i thought i should deserve a bit more… or maybe i just want to be a little woman and have my bf dote and pamper me … =P

and then MINUS away some impatience – and i’ll love him a bit more
and then MINUS away a lot of sarcascism – and i’ll love him even more
and then ADD some respect, fun, romance, love, hugs and kisses – and i think i’ll love and adore him so much for the rest of my life…

its difficult mah?
hm…. i thought its not…

anyway… went to the senior citizen corner and exercise with my parents. its quite fun leh! after that went to play the swing for a while… long time never play that sia…. playgrounds.. i’d been to a lot, with a lot of memories o…. at pasir ris park, bedok central, east coast park, punggol park, those playgrounds around my house, behind/beside my secondary school… so many…. miss those days sia….

dinner: one packet of HL milk, 5 mouthful of fried prawn mee, 2 mouthful of kuay tiao soup and 2 portions of bo pia.

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