my dear dear is so nice!!!!
i was feeling so stress out today ‘cos got a deadline to meet (when i’m only given 2 days)
then just now he came to gimme a hug! ‘cos he off early from his course today!

so sweet right!!! kekekek =D and you see me smiling and smiling now =P
just now i was having my tea break and getting a rest. luckily, i came back to my seat earlier, saw 3 missed calls and 2 sms, then when i saw the message “Hmmm… Nvm. I go home then. Me at ya office lobby now. Muak. Jia you then. Love u!” wah! scare me sia! i quickly ran out and call him ah. kekekek, luckily he just left *phew* Else i won’t be able to hug and kiss him liao…

awww…. miss my dear dear again… how i wish i can hug him everyday soon.. kekeke
muak! x million

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