UNO & Tumblin’ Monkeys

i bought 2 games!!! UNO & Tumblin’ Monkeys. its a smaller versions, those you can play in the car. kekeke, it seems quite cute lah, so i bought it at the toy sales at my company here. $10 each. next time can play at the Rest ‘n’ Relax corner of me and my beloved dear dear’s house!!!

woho~!!!! 3 more days, then we’ll be registering for our ROM. so excited!!! after that, i think really need to come up with the engraving on our wedding bands. that day he suggested “In My Heart, On My Mind, Always” on my ring. but its too LONG! so he said why not “IMH, OMM, Always” and i’m like =.=”’ Don’t think i want to have “IMH” on my ring ne…. anyway, in the end i rejected this, and he also rejected mine – “I’m Yours Always”. so we see how lor. kekekeke will need to find my dress soon… and the flower for the ring pillow.

hot day.. me need to go finish up that stupid improvement for HDP liao. ciao!
later meeting dear go marina square, let him try his crocs shoes size.

LUNCH: meat ball soup. never finished, left 2 meat balls and half bowl of rice. very full.

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