one colleague just kena kicked out… in a very bad bad BAD way! nadirah… sigh.. took me so long to remember her name. now, she just kena kicked out without any notice at all by this guy who always thought he look very handsome…. i meant, yes, its true, she’s only doing part-time. but the thing is, if you are going to kick one person out, then what’s the point of negotiating the salary with her regarding going to full-time.. sigh.. there’s just so many different things.. now..

i missed those days in this company when i first came. like a family, we worked together, helping each other out. but ever since they wanted to expand this company (which isn’t a bad thing), things changed. new people came, some good, some bad, some created havoc, politics, back-stabbing… its just not the same anymore….

today, dear was telling me he very sian of his work, and felt like running away… who doesn’t? i also wish i can no need to work and do those things that i TRULY like. but… it’s reality bah… make full use of what you have.. ne!

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