you know.. if i were to come logged in, and write down every little things that happened to me… i think i will have lots and lots of things to write. and will be so damn busy. kekekeke

anyway, i’m in totally no mood to work now.. sigh..
it didn’t start that way

woke up… watched 我们结婚吧!early in the morning, before my dad sent me to the hougang mrt, and i come to work. that guy is sooooo cute. ekekeke but oh well, my dear also very cute. by the way, he just had a cute hair cut last saturday. still think he should combed his hair down, look cuter. and where was i… ya.. i came to work and it was raining very heavily. then reached comtech, turned out from the lift, and BY called out to me, with G. went to the office and a while later, went to take my breaky – 2 half boiled eggs and 1 kaya toast. helped EZ bought one soya milk and went back. and suddenly, SL looked at me and said “Stella, 我对不起你。。。”… well… she overwrote one file… and i had to re-do again. thats life… i guess.. and now, i need to install some TortoiseSVN thingy…

watched project runway last night. last episode – chloe won. quite expected lah, if you see their collection. hers look like a collection. the rest nah…. dad kena offered by a hotel to go help people massage foot. $1k a month, 6pm-12midnight but both me and sis think its too late liao. what else… still got lots lah… but.. *yawn* i only feel like sleeping now…. *yawn*

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