forgetful Monday

i woke up late today. alarm clock rang at 6.30am sharp. i shut it off and went back to sleep till my dear dear called me at 7.15am. then i went back to sleep again and my dad woke me up at 7.30am, asked if i want to hitch a ride. and so it started… monday…

well.. it wasn’t a great start. no, not ‘cos i want to sleep late last night but i just couldn’t sleep. insomnia yes. it always comes back. not sure whats the problem now ‘cos i don’t feel stress at all but i just can’t sleep till like half to one hour later. darn.

was rushing through the whole morning and when i finally reached mrt, i realised i forgotten to bring any jacket or cardigan (let’s just pray together that i won’t freeze in the office today). and then at kovan station, there was this tall average looking guy that walked in. darn… he.. stinks… and never mind. apparently, he’s reading those mind, duno what business kind of book and he kept talking to himself (just the mouth moving, no sound). this is still not the worse. somewhere like outram station, i went to take a seat, and he too, after me. and you know what? he started digging his nose and then rolled the shit and threw it on the floor. i’m disgusted. he’s wearing shirt and tie some more but… *gross*

now i’m in the office. eyes half closed. missed my dear, missed hugging him to sleep, missed my bed. and my brain is half asleep…

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