September 11, 2006

Let’s MARK this day – September 11, 2006
i preached to him for almost an hour. let’s see when i’ll be able to see him having his direction. this is not the first time. its the… duno how many times. but i would really hope that this time, he’ll be able to find where his passion lies…

i really hope he finds it… else.. he’s just living day by day… full-stop.
no. thats not the man whom i’m attracted to.
you know what, i told him “I love you but I’m not attracted to you.” I wonder if he really understand this. its a BIG thing to me, you know? if someone i love actually said that to me. but.. its him, i won’t understand what he’s thinking…

i’m tired of preaching… not ‘cos i lost the drive. but ‘cos i preached for so long and everything just seems to fall on deaf ears. its more of helpless.

i did whatever i could. thats all i can do….

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