damn tired

wah piang… wanted to write in the blog here yesterday night one. but then i click liao, started typing, then dear called, so i went and lie onto the bed ‘cos damn tired. then in the end, after i hung up the phone, asked my mum to help me use hair dryer to blow my hair dry, i just dozed off, without switching off my pc and brushing my teeth…

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…. now i’m totally in a “dazing” mode….
wanted to write so many things inside here one… now let me recall….

~shit almost came out~

i think ah, its tuesday ah… as usual i came to work in the morning. that day i came out especially slightly early ‘cos will be going for jewellery course after work, so need to leave early. but half way on the train, i got stomachache, but i tahan till i reach harbourfront lah. so i went to the biggest toilet at level 1, and then there was a sign at the door that says “Cleaning in Progress”. The door was totally shut. so nvm, i went to the other side, the one near McDonalds, and there were 3 cubicles inside, which are all taken, and there’s 1 more person queueing and waiting. So… since my shit is kinda coming out. i quickly went to level 2, the bigger one near to the UOB atm, and it TOO was in cleaning. feeling so pek chek, i quickly run to the other side and TAMADE, the 3 cubicles WERE ALSO OCCUPIED and there was ALSO 1 PERSON WAITING. and so, since my shit (by this time), really coming out, i don’t wish to search anymore to “make things worse”, so i waited. 5 minutes later, the oerson in front (apparently she waited for a long while also) left. the 3 person inside those cubicles are STILL inside. so i waited for another 10 MINUTES before one person came out. DAMN! what the hell are they doing inside!!! and why the hell does MapleTree want to wash those bigger toilets at PEAK HOURS!!!???? *furious*

~malu, extremely malu~
on wednesday, ‘cos of the launching of the site, there’s a whole lot of problems. so a few of us stayed back to do OT. me and ez stayed and we ordered Canadian Pizza. so while waiting, we just started to chat, and talk about how blur we BOTH are. then the Pizza guy called me and said he arrived at the lobby at Level 1. so i just, ok. then we went to the Lobby (taxi stand there) and we saw one delivery guy in a bike. naturally, ez went to tell him to go to the other entrance (nearer to our office). so that guy did what we said, and then we open the door and let him bring those food in. and then when he’s inside, he took out the receipt and asked us to verify. but when we saw the food and the receipt, we were like “Hey, this is not what we ordered. and the name wasn’t correct.” after probably like a minute of wondering, what’s wrong and thinkin’ that they got our order wrongly, we THEN realised that… that delivery man WASN’T from Canadian Pizza at all.. O.O”’ Well.. our next reaction was just “So where’s the Canadian Pizza guy?” (heeheehee.. he’s waiting downstairs… for a damn long while… of course we finally managed to get to him *phew*) *blush*

~yf treat us for lunch~
yesterday, which is thursday, yf treated me, grace, ez, and hy for lunch at tonkichi @ suntec. we ordered a lot of food. very filling. the food was ok but a lot of raw stuff. its funny lah, they all. talk rubbish one. but at night, do OT again… reached home about 11pm. yf sent me home. well.. the after that, more or less you know liao ah… i dozed off. hahahaha *tired*

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