3a.m. @ WORK

yesterday boss wanted us to go back to work at 6pm. yesterday was saturday.
was really damn sian lah ‘cos weekend still gotta go back. but after going back, you’ll know the importance of why boss wants us back lah. anyway, about 8 of us were there. the team spirit was good. i was glad i’m back there to help out and finished my things and do what i can. (tho’ a lot now i’m still trying to solve from home. yeah!!! i managed to connect to office from home!!!) but ya, did manage to achieve quite alot of things. stayed till about 3.30am then packed up and yf (one of my team leader) sent me home. slept at about 4.30am.
shack sia….

but mornin… sigh.. argued with my bf.. not that i want to lor. and honestly, i don’t think i’m being unreasonable… i’m not even comparing anything, or taking him for granted, or wat. all i wanted to say was… i wish he can understand my needs lor, without me needing to spell it out. and thats like occasionally only. wish he can pamper me a bit more… ultimately… i’m still only a girl right? and i want to be the girl… i don’t wish to be that strong.. i’m tired of being so strong. like any other girls, i do like it when he comes over to stay at my place, send me home everytime we go out, pick me up from work, treat me like a small little girl, let my bf decides almost everything….

i hit my tolerance level…

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