weirdly, i passed my jap!

wahahahha.. i duno how, but somehow, i managed to pass my jap exam! 216/350! wahahhaha… but don’t care lah, as long as passed liao. i didn’t want to go for the exams at all one. anyway, special thanks to 2 person. Pamela, for dragging me to go and take the exams and her notes throughout the course. and Joey, for her last minute exams tips and helping me to check the results. kekeke… yeah! i passed intermediate :p anyway… should be taking advance I lah. why not? might as well right? since its quite a good start! and then… registration starts on the 21st/22nd dec, 2.30pm-8.00pm, $200. oh ya, haven’t told Pam its $200 yet. later sms her.

today is wednesday, its my salsa night. tomorrow koon soon coming to my house, then on friday going out with chee chiau. i’m doing some rsa thingy at work. ya know, everyday, you learn something new. i learned two things yesterday, about tortoise and cocoa. weird huh… after knowing liao… also like that lah. and i think now i’ll go and shit, else later half way alight to shit again :p

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