round & round… & round…

here’s how the story goes…

me -> A: how?
A -> me: read/wait/read some more
B -> me: when? (repetitively)
me -> B: soon soon

me -> C: do u have xxx?
C -> me: go ask D
me -> D: *can’t reach*
me -> C: i can’t get D
C -> A: how?
A -> C: steady. no need anything else
C -> me: A says no need anything else
me: *tmd*
B -> me: how?? when??
me: *tmd*

A: its ok, he’s busy, i can understand, but i would rather hope he can guide me along. but its still ok ‘cos he’s busy and i can understand, and there isn’t much things he can do ‘cos he’s reading what I’M READING. so basically, asking him is also like not asking though BY RIGHT i’m supposed to. fine.

B: ask and ask and ask and ASK some more. its ok, i know its your JOB but STILL… its ok… but i would rather you leave me alone and give me ample time to do it when can’t you f***ing see there’s something BIG cocking up! tell you what’s wrong.. like you know? its ok.. i’ll treat you really nice, get something that you really like.

C: oh gosh… if i don’t really need that person… if i know A knows… why would i still bother to go and ask you? can’t you see its the LAST resort?? what the hell are you thinking?? am i too slow or what?

D: i hope you GET BACK TO US QUICK!

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