Salsa @ MoS

NICE! kekeke ^^
went there with sky & leonard, and a few of their friends… whats their names ah.. chengzu, was it serene or diane (either or), and 2 more female friends.
dragged sky down to the dance floor but wow! its TOTALLY different. the steps gotta be so much smaller ‘cos the space isn’t a lot. and the music seems so much faster! and then my steps became such a mess ‘cos i wasn’t used to it! but its ok! PRACTISE makes PERFECT! then after that i tried dancing with chengzu.. well.. he’s too.. ‘soft’… don’t really like. then there was all the performances. oh yah! not forgetting, the shock of my life, hahaha, got this black guy came to ask me for a dance *faintz* and its TERRIBLE!!! so many steps which i had no idea what he was dancing… wahahhaha.. well.. but its still fun. heck lah!

after that, sent chengzu back, who stays in marsiling before the 3 of us went to take supper at blk 401 hougang. talked n talked n talked a lot. kekeke, but well, kinda clique with them so.. heeheehee.. i had LOTS of fun! reached home, never sleep, in the end saw sky online (who sent leonard back home instead), then chatted with him for a while. slept at 4am…

woke up at 7am. act smart, go and wear the new extremely high heels, till feet pain… in the end gotta call uncle yf to come fetch me at harbourfront to work and kena suan by him all the way to office… *knn*….. oh ya! the service at the coffee club at harbourfront was really good. the floor manager there was so nice, to even change the cappucino which i bought half an hour ago (take away), so that it will be warm when i wanna leave. ^^ can go back there to eat!

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