POST Christmas News

today is boxing day! 26th dec 2006. i’m now in the office. and the office seems rather quiet today…

22nd dec
had celebration in the office. waited till quite late before the dinner buffet started. so hungry by then. after that we had this ‘soccer’ tournament. it was fun lah. then after that, i got my christmas gift exchange which was a rather sexy top… hm.. of which till now i still had no idea who gave that to me…. =.=”’ went to try it out before rushing to meet sk, leonard and one of their friend for movie – night at the museum. very funny show! after that, went supper and walkin around with sk till quite ‘early’. nice. K.O. after that. kekekekek

23rd dec
early morning, overslept. met shanshan to go to the zoo. tired sia. but still nice ‘cos its the zoo!! and they renovated some of the routes! ok lah. a big part of it like under renovation. news? the polar bear might be moved off after the mother polar bear died. then… there’s this crazy monkey that kept screamin and screamin and it actually turned around and let the tourists looked at his butt while he shit… its deliberately one, very obvious. reached home around 2pm+, dead tired. took a short nap. parents went out, then sk bought dinner for me ‘cos he coincidentally going to his friend’s house just beside my block. slept early that day.

24th dec
went shopping in the mornin with my sis, for cuz’s present. then came back and play mahjong. been a long long time since i played. but ok lah, i still don’t really like it. then after that, went to re-paint my nails. went out around 7pm to meet sk. took our dinner and bought a lot of food. went to his house for countdown. he can’t drink. =.=”’ totally can’t.

25th dec
family lunch at noble house. very full sia…. so tired. after that went home to open presents. got a bag, lipstick and body foam from my sister ^^. went drinking with christopher at ngee ann’s alumni club with one of his friend before going down to marina square to buy a mp3 player. I FINALLY GOT AN MP3 PLAYER!!! wahahahahahha. met sk for late dinner – the little se ah gua boy.

26th dec
back at work *yawn*

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