My Checklist

I know I’m very lazy, and always drift away from what I want to do. So from 1 January 2007 onwards, I’ll track everything that I wanna do and make sure that I stick to it. ‘Cos there’s simply so many things that I want to achieve. So here’s a checklist of the things that I have to do in order to reach my goal and I’ll slowly, and surely strike off each and everyone of them.

– Don’t spend so much, try to spend only on necessities.
– Work hard on the business with NN.
– Put make-up to work.
– Be decisive on what I want to wear.
– Stick to exercise routine, maintenance and diet plan.
– Study Jap on way to work.
– Re-write notes after Jap class, do homework over weekend.
– Practise salsa steps.
– Test mp3.
– By 7 Jan, throw away all those things that I don’t want.
– By 14 Jan, put aside those things that I want to sell.
– By 21 Jan, put everything in the place allocated.
– By 28 Jan, arrange flowers for mum & godma.
– By 1 Feb, start painting my room.
– By 1 Mar, decide on job prospects.
– By 1 Mar, put aside $5000 for YT’s mum’s loan.
– By 1 Jun, open an SC account with $500.
– By 1 Jun, settle things between me and YT.
– Save $1000/mth.
– Save $1600/mth.
– Save $2200/mth.

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