Family Lunch @ Tao

Woke up at 10am+. Did 30 sit-ups on the bed. Just had my breakfast, a small portion of oily wanton mee and one cup of milo. Now did a bit of calculations. Must start keeping track of my money. Later going out at 12pm for lunch. Will be meeting Koon Soon, Ziqin & salsa friends for KTV. Hopefully won’t come back home too late today. Tomorrow have to work.

Back home now. Went KTV, it was quite fun. YEAH! My voice is finally back! Ok, but too long never sing, so… don’t really have the “qi”. Went to eat chicken rice near SingTel Telecom there. It’s nice! Spent around $14.50. Came home after that and took over my Godma to play mahjong. Now, 10.53pm, I’m resting a while and will sleep soon. Will go do some 30 sit-ups before I sleep. Must try and sleep before 11pm. Nitez!!

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