FIRST day of WORK!!

I OVERSLEPT!! ^^ Was supposed to wake up at 7am, in the end, the alarm rang, I switched it off and went back to sleep till half an hour later, my dad came to wake me up. Well, did 30 sit-ups in the morning, and drank one cup of water. Came to office and I went to put on make-up! So proud of myself! Took one multi-vitamin pill. Hohoho, it’ll be a nice day! Ganbatte at work!

Went jogging at Labrador Park after work. Time to go on diet! Drank about 6 cups of water for the whole day. Took one cup of milo with cereal and some vegetables for dinner. But that was at 9pm, which was a bit too late. Went to eat at Yoshinoya for lunch at Harbourfront. Slept at about 1am, which was DAMN late! I need to try and sleep earlier than that. Pimples all coming out. Did about 30 sit-ups before I go to sleep.

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