OVERslept again

Arh…. Terrible terrible. I overslept again! Dad had to wake me up at 7.30am. Must be slept too late last night. Did 30 sit-ups also. Never put on make-up nor contact lens ‘cos the eyes a bit reddish and pimples quite bad. Went to eat a heavy breakfast just now. Body a bit aching from the jog last night but still tolerable. Hope today is a good day.

Lunch time. Took veg rice – Curry veg and Sweet & Sour Fish. Never finished the rice of course. Drank 4 cups of water already. Tonight going to swim. Heeheehee…

Ok.. No more swimming. It’s raining. Back at home already. Drank 7 cups of water. Yeah! Now going to take my “No Rice Dinner”.

Never do sit-ups or anything else ‘cos I’m simply too lazy to… Was on the phone just now. But I managed to drink 8 cups of water. And half a glass of wine and some potato chips. Terrible… And I threw away 3 bags of rubbish!

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