Yes! I finally know what size I’m wearing! Normally I’ll just get A75, but then I realised I should get B70 instead! Went to fix my braces. Changed to BRIGHT PINK! Then I bought 4 bras and 2 panties, spent about $29.70. Top up my ezlink card also. Oh yah, I did 30 sit-ups in the morning though. Then just had lunch at Ngee Ann Alumni. Had fish & chips. Nice. Now I’m back in office.

Went for a jog after work. Today jog a bit longer than previous. Must slowly increase the distance and speed. Went to watch “Confessions of Pain” and came home at 3am+, so never managed to do anything after that. Had hokkien fried prawn mee for dinner. Second time I’m on a bike. So scary… but was quite fun after that ^^

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