Camping Day

Tonight will be going camping with the salsa friends. Woke up at 9am, just can’t sleep, don’t know why. Think later got the time, have to do something fruitful, like packing my room. It’s still in a big mess. Just had my breakfast – cereal bread and milo. My face got all the pimples coming out. Today is saturday already, next week salsa and Jap class going to start. Must really GANBATTE ne!

Yeah!! Spent the last 2 hours and a half cleaning up my room! So much cleaner now! Of course its still messy, but at least the PC side (all the wires) are tidier and I managed to get my speakers working again! (Too lazy to connect previously) Now left mainly the corner at the end of my bed. Hm… that one maybe tomorrow or next week. Now resting.

Went to eat Ma La Huo Guo at night. Ate quite a lot. Then went East Coast walk around with the whole gang. Luckily never eat much things after that. Bad example. Pimples all coming out already.

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