Salsa starts today!

Today is monday. Did 30 sit-ups in the morning. Had Zhui Kueh and Chee Cheong Fun for breakfast at Tiong Bahru market. Kinda don’t feel that good this morning. Salsa starts today. Looking forward to it, though felt a bit weird ‘cos Edna not joining anymore, and Leonard considering. And left only Skyes…

Just had lunch at the coffeeshop outside. Today is a really very hot day and I kept eating Hello Panda. Terrible. Tonight if I never go and jog then will be very sinful right? Should I continue to stay and work here? Sometimes it seems alright but at times… its so unbearable. And my finance is in DEEP SHIT. Next week don’t want to go out already. Felt very tired also… Should try and sleep earlier.

COOL! Salsa was so fun today! But then I was so so so so so so tired. Went jogging earlier, for about 25 minutes. Really very tired. Then went straight for salsa after that. Today we learned some turning thingy. Terrible! I CAN’T TURN! Have to keep on practising! Ganbatte! Went for Ba Chor Mee & Prata just now. Jia lat… Fat ah.. But never mind, thats suppose to be a healthy way of dieting, right?

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