Botak Jones @ Clementi

Came in to work only now, at 3pm. Took morning half leave ‘cos I’m simply too tired. Never slept well last night. Of course… how to sleep… so weird.. and uncomfortable… Anyway, reached home at about 10am, and went out at about 12pm to meet Skyes, Leonard and Flora for lunch at Subway at Cineleisure. Hasn’t got much appetite to eat a lot. Too tired I guess. Tonight after work, will be going to eat dinner with my bunch of colleagues. And now, I’m still stuck at the RSA thing. By the way, might have a change of plan. Condominium? Or just renovate my room and make it more cosy? Bigger bed and nicer furniture… Sounds nice too huh?

Oh… I’m so hungry… And they haven’t go and eat yet… Terrible… Luckily I got eat bread during tea break but it’s still terrible… hungry… And its already 8pm+…

So very full… Ate a lot of food at Botak Jones. Its very big portion. I took fish ‘n’ chips, its nice. The fries are nice too. And there’s the cajun chicken, a bit dry but it tastes rather good. And furthermore, its not very expensive! Can go there to eat again. But really tired. Slept at about 1am. Fat.

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