Japanese Language Class

Woke up late today again. No… Just that I’m so tired I don’t feel like waking up, so I just lied on the bed. Took breakfast, quite a lot too. Then busy with the RSA but found something new. So gonna work on it!

Heavy lunch again! Had fish soup at the carpark, then another banana… So sleepy now. Die… Tonight still got Japanese Language Class. Hopefully get a good sensei…

Ok, went for my first Advance I Japanese Language Class. Terrible!! Its so difficult! But have to really study hard. And my conversation suck! Went there and was raining. Took one hotdog bread during the break. Then went to the wake till 11pm. Then went to fetch Dad before coming back home. Now its 1am already, I just took my doughnut and I haven’t sleep yet!! Face rotting!

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