Facial… PAIN!

Went for facial this morning at 10am. PAIN! Now my face all red already. Later will take a short nap, then will try to pack my room. So tired. I need a lot of rest and sleep. Terrible…. Just took my lunch. Dad cooked the soupy mee. Later go and take multivitamins also. I’m so lack of nutrients now. Just got my Credit Card bill. $1,100. Hahaha… Festive season… what to do…

Can’t take a nap… Parents and Ah Xin singing Karaoke… Terrible… Anyway, its already 4pm, can take tea break already. Packing my wardrobe now. Will throw things away today again!

Okie, back from Hougang Mall. Went for dinner at Magic Wok with my mum and godma. Never managed to do up my wardrobe because the rod too long. So have to wait till tomorrow for Uncle Robert to cut off the rod (if possible). Now, I’ll rest a while, then re-pack my clothes into the wardrobe, dry my hair, then I’m going to sleep! Finally one day early, for these few weeks!


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