A Good Sleep

Yes! I finally had some decent sleep from about 12am last night till 10am tonight. Shiok! Although on and off, I got woken up by Yuan Yuan’s phone call at 12am+ and Xiaoling’s sms at 8am+, overall, its still very nice! Uncle Robert helped me cut the rod already. So now, I got one more hanging area but then, still like not enough. My room is still very messy ‘cos all the things are still outside. Took one multi-vitamin pill. Later going to see furniture, so will not pack now.

Just came back from the Novena furniture. Mum bought a TV rack. Don’t know why, but I still felt sleepy. Should I pack my room first or take a nap?

Took half a packet of Hello Panda and a glass of milk for dinner. Spent the last few hours packing the things. Well… at least not too bad. So now, at 10.10pm, I’m going to continue my good sleep. Nitez!!

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