Don’t know why but today stomach not so good. In office now. Later I’m going to enquiry on the flat… *blank*

Called. Took my breaky. Well.. can only get back 5% of the selling price. Cash will be forfeited first. The rest will be divided out proportionally. Have to write in and signed by both… *sian*

Went to eat porridge for lunch. Accompanied my colleague to sit in cable car just now. Then I went to buy 5 different kind of Nivea masks (those packets form) and the eye patches for my extremely tiring eyes. Got to try and sleep earlier. Don’t know why but I felt like I’m going to be sick soon. Having headaches now. Better drink more water.

Went for a 3km jog just now before going for my salsa. Just realised that my legs were aching not ‘cos of the run, but ‘cos of the stretching =P Salsa was fun!!! Today learned another 2 new steps! Yeah! Finally my turning improved! Woohoo! Then went to eat “dinner” with Skyes and Leonard again. Now, I finished bathing, doing mask now. Will try to sleep before 1am. 45 minutes to go! Let’s try and do some of the things that I’d listed in my “To Do” list! Ganbatte!

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