Still a Long Way to Go

Been analyzing… The Good, The Bad, The Ok… Still a long way to go… There’s so many things that he lacked, even as a boyfriend. He might have the potential to become a really good one, just that probably he don’t know how to BE ONE. Can understand? Well… we’ll just see how things goes… Morning! I’m in office now. Feeling rather refresh! GREAT!

Ok… He really don’t know how to be one. Teach him? Hmm… I tried once, yes I succeeded but… do I want to try again? Had KFC just now. Fat. But its ok. I’m drinking a lot of water.

Never went to jog ‘cos its raining. In the end, went Tiong Bahru Plaza to get the belt and took one cheese pancake and went back home to do my Japanese Language homework. Drank one glass of milk. Then after that chatted on the phone before going to sleep at about 12.30am.

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