Sweet Morning ^^

Gave Skyes a morning call this morning. Quite funny ‘cos I told him yesterday night about the morning call thing and today he “deliberately” spent some time talking to me. But then I do appreciate what he did. It’s still rather sweet. ^^ Just had my breakfast. Now back in office. Today got dental appointment at Ang Mo Kio to clean my teeth.

5pm now. Going off in an hour’s time. Just had my tea break. So sleepy. Just now had chicken rice with YF. Then went to the library to borrow some IT books. BY asked us on what we want to do again. Hopefully I get to do something related to Database, else I’ll really seriously consider leaving here. Painted my nails! Yeah! One mission accomplished! Actually it really felt nice when you managed to finish one thing.

Okie… Let’s see what did I finished. WORK: Still pending for YF to help me. Need to clear the mantis item if still stuck. Read the book on OLAP. PERSONAL: Passed thumbdrive to Weizhong already. Helped Leon gotten the car shade. Think thats all. Went for my dental appointment yesterday to clean the teeth. I HATE IT, seriously, so painful. After that went to meet Skyes for movie – Apocalypto – a sadist movie. Terrible. Yes, its nice but terrible. Took a ride back home and did facial mask and used the eye patch. Slept at about 3am. Have to try and sleep earlier…

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