Not in the Best of Moods

Had a chat with Skyes last night, on staying with the in-laws. Somehow triggered a lot of my thoughts… Don’t feel good now. Am I really thinking too much? But I’m really sick of “trying” out in relationships anymore. I really am…

Still feel so tired and moody. Had a short nap just now. Slightly better now but still… Editing his resume now. Hm… I think I also forgotten how to write one already.

Yes! Finished editing his resume. Alright lah, not too bad. Will let Christina check tomorrow. Salsa was fun! Got Eileen’s, Jasmine’s and Adeline’s handphone number (since Leonard wanted it). Went Commonwealth for dinner after salsa. The chicken wings were very nice. Mood gotten a lot better after that. Slept quite late also. Really have to exercise. I can feel myself getting fat but I’m so lazy.

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