Nokia 6288

Nokia 6280 vs Nokia 6288 – “The two 3G Nokia sliders do have a whole lot in common — the dimensions, weight and display size are identical, as are the camera specs, amount of internal memory and applications… Basically, a firmware upgrade; a few minor design differences (such as altered keypad spacing and a glossy finish); and a larger miniSD card bundled into the pack.”

Thats what I read in the forum. Hmm… Well, Skyes getting this phone (most likely). Tuesday today. Mood still not too bad but from morning till now, I haven’t done any work yet. After work will be going down to SPC to look for Clarise regarding my insurance. I’m really very dried.

YEAH!! I got into the Database Team!! With WM and CW!!! YEAH!! So happy! At least right now I’ve got some motivation to do my work! Woohoo!! But I think EZ a bit sad, ‘cos she also wanted to be in Database Team. HY just don’t want to be with one person, thats all. But don’t think they will be changing the seats. Well, its alright! I’m happy enough!

Didn’t manage to meet up with Skyes and Leon today ‘cos I was with Clarise and Dennis till 12am. Dennis explained the new policy – PPA, that will be replacing the PAA. Alright, not a lot of difference. Anyway, he explained things on financial planning, cash flow and balance sheet as well, which is good ‘cos I think I really need to make a correct and ‘do-a-ble’ decision. So… I’ll start tomorrow!

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