RE-setting my GOALS

Today is a lazy day. Well, there’s a lot of things which I think I want to write, but I don’t think I’ve got the time now ‘cos its 8.37am and I’m still in my room. So I’m gonna go to the office and continue!

Alright, the time is 10.37am and I’m now in my office, more or less doing nothing. Will now try and RE-set my goals to make it more realistic so that its achievable!

– Don’t spend so much, try to spend only on necessities.
– Work hard on the business with NN (Postponing).
Put make-up to work.
– Be decisive on what I want to wear.
– Stick to exercise routine, maintenance and diet plan.
Study Jap on way to work.
Re-write notes after Jap class, do homework over weekend.
– Practise salsa steps.
– Test mp3.
By 7 Jan, throw away all those things that I don’t want.
By 14 Jan, put aside those things that I want to sell.
– By 21 Jan 28 Jan, put everything in the place allocated.
– By 28 Jan 4 Feb, arrange flowers for mum & godma.
By 1 Feb, start painting my room.
– By 1 Mar, decide on job prospects. 1 out of 3 PASSED.
– By 1 Jun 1 Mar, open an SC account with $500.
– By 1 Mar 1 Jun, put aside $5000 for YT’s mum’s loan.
– By 1 Jun, settle things between me and YT.
– Save $1000/mth.
– Save $1600/mth.
– Save $2200/mth.

Just had a chat with one of my colleague who just came back from childbirth. Kinda reminded me of a lot of things. Of course, including the mistake that I made. But what can I do right? I mean, what’s done, is already done. There’s nothing I can do anymore to that. All I’m thinking is, I’m able to answer to myself. Thats all it matters for now. Right? Anyway, what she said isn’t wrong. Must made it clear to people in a way, its still a society after all. And I also need to somehow slowly be answerable to someone. ^^

Went to watch “Happy Birthday”, SO TERRIBLE!! I sad till I cried… Anyway, made me realised a lot of things. Went to meet Skyes after that. And he helped me sent a SMS. And…

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