… “You are in my heart”

“No, you are not in Hougang. You are in my heart.” Damn… Early in the morning said such sweet things to me… But its sweet nonetheless. ^^ Hopefully today will be a good day. Very proud of myself yesterday, so today in quite a happy mood. Ganbatte ne!

Hm… after some thoughts, guess I can’t learn too many things at the same time. I can’t pack my every day with things, ‘cos it might end up clashing with each other. So I think I’ll need to prioritize. What am I learning now? Monday (Salsa), Thursday (Japanese Language), Saturday (Exotic Dance), Sunday (Kickboxing). Among all these, I’ll definitely continue my salsa. Japanese Language, I don’t think I’ve got the time for that now. Maybe will TRY to study on my own (which I doubt). As for exotic dance… Went for the first class that day. Yes, its fun, but its the same as Hip Hop, its more of choreographing the dance steps, which I don’t find that its very useful. I still prefer salsa. As for kickboxing, this is more of keeping fit, I guess, which I will continue at the moment. And for that Jewellery Design course, its going to take up two of my weekdays. Maybe I should use those free days to do plan and do other things, all best, rest. Alright, that shall be the plan for now.

Back home after salsa, just finished bathing. Went for salsa and it was so much more difficult than the previous. Then went for supper at maxwell market. Had porridge. Then came home and saw another tree of “tao hua”, which was a “bit stiff”. So ended up, I have to “touch up”. But well, all is fine…

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