Very Painful

Terrible… Pain like mad. Been so long since its so painful. Now putting the $1 coin into the heart-shaped bottle – for En En’s milk money in the future. ^^ Funny right? Most likely Skyes and Leon will be going for the MDIS degree course, which I thought… is the same as the other two. […]

Lower Braces

Ugly ugly ugly!!! Me back in office now. Morning went to have breakfast with Skyes, then went for my dental appointment. Everything went smoothly except that now I look damn UGLY. I put orange, by the way. And I can’t seem to pronounce properly. After that went Stansfield and MDIS to help Skyes and Leon […]

47 TTP

I had a nightmare… Dreamt that WZ almost mati… Scare the hell out of me… *CRY OUT LOUD*… Going Shawn’s house tomorrow at 47 TTP. Heard its quite BIG, I mean the ang bao… Anyway, going for K lunch now with WZ. Ciao! A long long day…. Went for K lunch, then sing till 2pm […]

Blisters on Feet

Pain…. the blisters caused by the heels I wore yesterday. So today got butterfly effect and so still pain… Don’t know why so sleepy. Slept at 1 am last night. “I want u for everythin. Every day of my future life……” So mushy, but its kinda sweet ^^ *Giggles*Just went for my lunch with MC […]

Very Busy Day

*Phew* Didn’t have much time to rest since the morning. Yesterday the whole office was quite empty. Today its back to the rather normal working spirit. And since morning, I’ve been working and working non-stop at different things. Lunch time soon. Hungry. Will not take breakfast from now on. Got to control my diet a […]


I totally don’t have any recollection of the things that happened last night after the point where I helped my mum they all to pack all the food into the plastic bag. Terrible… I felt so gross now. Woke up in the morning with a terrible headache. Can’t even walk straight. I only remember I […]

CNY @ Home

Today is the 3rd day of CNY and I’m at home. Sis and DW went to the flower deco at Sentosa. Now Gim Poh just came with the baby, Ah Heng Gor Gor’s daughter. Qixin, thats her name. Quite nice. Very chubby baby. Looks like the mum.Took a short nap in the afternoon. On and […]