Use the Money Wisely

Alright. I’ve got the money. So I need to plan wisely how I should do with it. And meanwhile. Ganbatte!

Why… am I like FOREVER in DEBT?? Owe this, owe that, owe so many things. Can’t seem to finish clearing them… I’m so tired of clearing my debts. Work to clear debts.

Went to Grace’s house for BBQ. Really cool!! Got a chef there BBQ for you. But somehow, it turned out to be like a buffet. The food was good, I had quite a lot. Sujia ordered the Chocolate Fondue but I only had a bit (with the chocolate ‘cos too sweet). Had about 2 cans of beer. Don’t feel like drinking too much. Then later they went into the karaoke room to “sing” (without music or lyrics), it was so funny. I left there at about 10pm. Skyes came to pick me up and we went for the Caliente Night. So much better than the XenBar ne! Tried Bachanta and Merengue. Fun! Fun! Fun! Left about 12am+ for some Mac ice-cream after that. ^^

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