Went for my first lesson of kickboxing with Shan Shan. She was so funny, after 5 minutes, she turned around and glared at me and said “Tingmin, I hate you…” ^^ Ooops… Went Hougang Mall to get some food. Couldn’t find the Disney version of the Monopoly in Popular Bookstore so came back and search in the auction. Hopefully that person will reply. Hmm… Just now went to see WZ’s friendster, saw one new sentence in his profile. Made me wonder a lot… Don’t know why, but doesn’t feel very good…

Pain.. Elbow pain… Think kinda hurt it while kickboxing today. Old injuries. Heeheehee… Bought the Disney Monopoly for WZ! Managed to find it in the Popular Bookstore at Kovan. Bought another 2 skirts also. Very tired actually.

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