Increasing my Net Worth

Alright, time to sit down and then try to increase my net worth! Eh… actually that should be the job left for Dennis. Heehee… Today is wednesday. Half the week is gone. Target for today? Finish reading Service Broker with understanding.

Eyes itchy…

Drinking green tea now. I need to flatten my tummy!! Its so ugly!! But I cannot always complain and do nothing. But recently really gotten a bit fat. Must be those late dinners, and late night sleeps. But one thing good, I seems to get a bit fairer. Heeheehee… Now still reading on service broker. Just now had Ban Mian for lunch. And then went library to borrow some books. Oh yes, I need something for my wrinkles near my mouth. Think the wrinkles became clearer ‘cos of the braces. Terrible..

So tired… Extremely tired… Tired till I’d got nothing to say…

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