Job Satisfaction

Yes, I know I’m being “watched” and I felt irritated too… Maybe I really should leave this company? Unless I’m able to totally get myself out of this mess, else… the one being “treated xxx” will be ME. You know? ME. And not the other party. I have to protect myself.

Lost? Yes, a bit. Suddenly there seems to be many things which I need to consider. For one, WZ. Unknowingly, he already became part of my life. And whatever things that I do now, I have to think of him, right? And seriously, at 27, with totally no savings at all, its really quite pathetic. I really need to start saving bit by bit. No matter how little bit.

New project coming in. Hopefully it can steer up some motivation for me. I need to have work to do, and not loiter around surfing internet. June 2009. Prepare for it!!

SO EXCITED!!! For the past few hours, been busy in meeting after meeting. COOL! Its been so long since I felt so “in touch” with work. Anyway, later going to jog with WZ, wondering if I still got the energy to work. Schedule quite tight, need to re-arrange some of the appointments.

Went to jog with Skyes after work. Terrible… He jogged so fast one! And the route consists of so many up-slopes! So terrible!! Had Sakae Sushi for dinner. I was so tired to even chewed on my food… Then we went to the top of Vivocity and sat down for a while. Very nice!! It was so cooling. Took train back home after that at around 11pm.

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