Ma La Steamboat

Alright, just messaged Clarise, see if I can re-arrange the appointment to after Chinese New Year. Will try my best to GANBATTE! ‘Cos I’ve got my PIG! ^^

Just finished one meeting. Later got another one. Tonight going to have steamboat with Skyes, Leon and their friend, Jennifer, the one that went to watch “A Night at the Museum” with us. Sis going to borrow another $250 from me. Hopefully she’s alright with her finance.

I’m so pissed with myself. I really am. Why am I the way I am? Why am I always not decisive nor determine enough to do something. The society is as what it is. There’s only one thing which I need to do. For myself. I have to do it.

Getting busy with work. Things will go well. It have to. Had dinner with that group of friends. It was nice. Ended up going Skyes’s house to play game. You know… even when the feelings is gone, its not enough…

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